• What is Sweet One?
    Sweet One is a brand of sugar substitute sweetened with acesulfame potassium, an intense sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar. Sweet One offers an alternative for people who are limiting their intake of sugar.

  • What is acesulfame K?
    Discovered in 1967 by Hoechst AG, acesulfame potassium - or acesulfame K - is a high-intensity, non-caloric sweetener. It is approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar. Acesulfame K is not metabolized by the body and is excreted unchanged.

  • What is the caloric content of Sweet One?
    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies Sweet One as containing zero calories because the number of calories per one serving (less than four calories) is nutritionally insignificant.

  • How is Sweet One used?
    Sweet One is ideal for tabletop use and is soluble in hot and cold beverages. Since it remains stable when heated, Sweet One can also be used in cooking and baking.

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